Honda takes off the gloves in the rock 'em sock 'em hybrid war

Don’t get worried- we’re not about to lecture y’all on the importance of alternative energy. But there’s no denying that lately, hybrids are big business in the automotive world. And like any other area of free trade, competition can get heated. Case in point, check out this latest ad from Honda which plays off the Prius “Yes” campaign and points out that just because you want to help the planet, doesn’t mean you have to drive a car that looks like a “wedge of cheese.” Oh SNAP! You gonna just sit back and take that Toyota?!

Toyota “Yes”:

Honda “No”:

We have to point out that the Honda response seems to come exclusively from California dealers, so there’s no telling if it’s an official corporate-sanctioned response. Still, beef is beef!

Source: Autoblog