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Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang unveiled

Other than a brief, surreal cameo in a recent Swizz Beatz video, the Bugatti Veyron ain’t a car you see too much in the Hip-Hop world. That’s probably because at a cool $1.4 million, it’s doubtful that anybody’s money is really that long. Boasting 1,001 HP, the W-16 is the current undisputed king of the supercars, and just received a royal makeover to further affirm that title.

Well known for its two-tone paint schemes, the new ‘Pur Sang’ edition Veyron was recently unveiled at Frankfurt in this stunning grey over silver color combination. But take a closer look- that ain’t paint. This latest version stays true to its roots, while staying lighter on its toes. The bi-tonal look is this time created from unsprayed carbon fiber and brushed aluminum- resulting in an amazing finish like none other on the road- and a weight savings of about 220 lbs.

In love yet? Don’t fall too hard. With a limited lifetime production run of 300 units, the Veyron’s already one tough bird to catch. But at only 5, the Pur Sang is the rarest of the rare. And in actuality, it’s already sold out- we’re sorry for the tease!

Source: Autoblog

  • RickRod

    The Bugatti Veyron is hands down fastest car out. With a fast key and 1001hp who dares to drive it? I would consider it an honor!!!