Straight Out the Trailer

Gameday Customs lets you tailgate in style

Now that football season is in full-swing, it’s time to kick back and enjoy watching your team pound the competition. And if you’re lucky enough to be a season ticket holder, Gameday Customs has the perfect enabler for your pregaming. The innovative builder which bills itself as “Manufacturer of the Ultimate tailgate” creates custom tailgating trailers that have everything you need for your pre/post game festivities. Each trailer comes equipped with LCD TV, satellite, DVD, generator, running water, beer on tap and (perhaps most importantly) your own toilet. Other options include a soda dispenser, microwave or a barbecue. Custom colors are also available so you can keep your coordination on point. The 5’x8′ trailer sells for $13,900 before options and is an enticing consideration, even for at-home armchair quarterbacks. Why not take the game outside, call your dogs (no Michael Vick jokes!) and enjoy the sport like it was meant to be.