Shut Up, Kim!

Rapper explains her tagless, no license joyride to cops

Apparently, Lil Kim’s a slow learner- as that whole perjury thing didn’t seem to teach the pint-sized firecracker much of a lesson. The rapper, Kimberly Jones, was stopped last Thursday in New York after taking her new Lamborghini for a ride without license plates- or a drivers license. When asked by police about the car’s untagged state, Kim explained that the car, a gift from her boyfriend, was just flatbedded from Cali where “Cars don’t need to display license plates.”

She then went on to elaborate how she’s licensed to drive in New Jersey but had forgotten her ID. Turns out that’s a lil bit of a white lie too, as she’s not licensed in any state. Sources report that Kim stayed calm and polite through the incident until cameras arrived on the scene, but then “became belligerent, loud and obnoxious. She proclaimed that if she was the average person, this wouldn’t have been a problem.”

Stick to that naked truth, girl… or next time just take the fifth!


  • Robert

    Only in American can total dipshits get rich.