Nick Hogan Crash Update

Passenger still in ICU, father arrested.

As friends and family continue to pray for John Graziano, the emotions pour out and overflow from all directions as the senseless tragedy unfolds. The 22 year old Marine and friend of Nick Hogan remains in critical condition. During a recent prayer vigil covered by, Graziano’s girlfriend Ashley Berry remarked “He is still in very critical condition, but coming out little by little. He is in the ICU and we need people to continue to pray.”

No one from the Hogan family appeared at the vigil, but Ashley noted that they have been by Graziano’s bedside since the accident.

In related news Edward Graziano, father of the victim was arrested this past Friday after allegedly becoming violent with other family members in the hospital’s ICU ward. St. Petersberg police were called to Bayfront Medical Center Thursday afternoon after Graziano’s wife reported that he got physical during a family argument.

After he left the hospital, Debra Graziano, Edward’s wife, renewed a domestic violence injunction against him, stemming from a June 21 arrest in which Edward was charged with domestic battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, and tampering with a witness.

Police say Edward returned to the hospital on Friday afternoon, violating the new injunction, and was therefore arrested a few hours later at the Vinoy Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg. He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail where he still remains behind bars.

Sources: TMZ, FOX news Tampa

  • nick is an idiot but so is the passengers dad

  • nick ain’t a idiot but he is a responsible boy which a crash appeared from no where so who ever calls him a idiot they are wrong.

  • mike

    your right tayub your the idiot

  • the mom is a c*nt…had the dad arrested when he was just trying to see his son. i hope he shoots the worthless b1tch

  • kristi

    We have two people that are living life…and hopefully “learning”. It’s done…it’s sad. Some times it takes tragity to make people come around. I feel for Nick Hogan and his family – and the Graziano family.

  • lil ryan

    all you fu%k heads need to shut the hell up give a break his freind not doin vary good all you haters are just hattin cuz hes rick and has any thing he want

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  • TampaMP

    fuck all y’all who r talkin shit…i’m friends with the bollea family(for u actual idiots thats the hogans real last name) and do u not think that nick feels horrible. u people act like he wrecked the car on purpose and meant to put his friend in the icu for life. truth is nick loved that car and his friend, give him a fucking break.

  • becky

    If it wasn’t for the show, it is sad to say that this wouldn’t have gone this far. I can’t speak for Nick or the family, not that they will ever see this, but it was an accident. When nick went out that night, he didn’t say, hey, I’m going to get in an accident and put someone in a coma. This is why they call it accidents. I watch the show, and Nick is a pain in the ass, but he never wished, or asked for this to happen. Don’t have compassion, how about understanding.