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GM considering production of Efijy Concept?

A little bit Batman, a little bit Dick Tracy, it’s hard to put your finger on the Holden Efijy concept. One thing’s for sure though- more than a few people wouldn’t mind getting their hands on one. But therein lies the problem- there is only one. Built on a Corvette C5 chassis with a supercharged GM V8, the recently named “2007 Concept of the Year” has reportedly caught the eye of more than one deep-pocketed collector- including the brother of Russia’s president. reports that the Tom Walkinshaw organization could partner with the fellas at Holden to help produce the car in very limited (as in $1 million a pop) numbers. While there have reportedly been semi-serious talks within GM about producing the concept, no official word has ever indicated that the possibility may become reality.

While everybody knows that exclusivity is priceless, the rumored $1 million figure for the Efijy does sound a little excessive… we can only hope that with such a big-boned, curvaceous frame, the possibility might one day exist for the semi-baller type as well.


Source: Autoblog

  • Mainy D

    This car is beautiful! It makes me think of a Bugatti.