Hogan Speaks. Kind of.

Nick comments on friend Graziano's condition

Nick Hogan has taken to the airwaves Internet to provide updates on the condition of his friend and passenger, John Graziano. Hogan, who posts on Supraforums.com under the username “Supraman111” made the following statement on September 16th:

“john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head.”

Earlier On Sept. 7, Nick wrote: “everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse stae than i am. thank u for the support -nick hogan/bollea”

Source: TMZ.com