Stretch exotic takes customization a little too far

We’re not putting down the build-quality as it’s probably top-notch, but is there any good reason to make a stretch Ferrari? Built by Style Limousines of Manchester, this long black monstrosity cost an additional $400,000 dollars to build, on top of the already hefty sticker price. Despite its extra weight, the car still does 0-60 in less than 6 seconds and a top speed of 160. Perhaps it can use that speed to get itself out of the public eye a little quicker!

Source: Autoblog

  • i got to get that for my prom!

  • What A Sexy Car

  • Good taste

    That shit is fucking ugly

  • Dontae

    This is dumb crazy!!!! i will buy it for 350,000

  • This shit dumb crazy i will buy this for 350,000

  • thats what long money look like