Cop an Attitude

Out of control Missouri officer's threats caught on camera

If you’re a viral video junkie, chances are you might have already seen this clip that’s creating a stir from news reports to talk shows alike. The movie shows a recent altercation in St. George, Missouri where a police officer approaches a camera-equipped car stopped in a commuter parking lot. The rest has to be seen and heard to get the full effect!

  • WOW, funny to see the cop slow his role after the kid tells him about the camera. HAHAHAHA

  • Alec Russell

    FUCK THAT COP!!! Hes a dick head. Thats making all cops out too be assholes. All because he pulled into a parking lot. All that cursing is unnecessary. He had no right too ask him any thing. The kid did nothing wrong. If that was me i would of said lock me up . Your allready on camera anyways. so who do you think there going too believe . You or ME?Cops just think they have all the power in the world, But the thing is they dont, they abuse. And they break the law all the time and they dont get pulled over. I think cops law power should be lowered some they dont need alot . I saw Fuck cops like that !!!!!

  • fat cat

    the cop was out of line…..i have got in trouble for the samething…pulling over i can see…but the way the cop spoke…was wrong….his job is the withhold the law and protect the safty of the public…not to verbally bash anyway…he use profanity with was already a vialotion of his code of conduct as an officer…and then treated the boy as a scare tactic..once he relized he was on camera…hes tone changed…

  • I can see why the cop would check out a suspicious car- but it doesn’t take long to see that he’s just trying to get that dude to step over the line. “Young Boy” and all the cursing? I know it’s a high stress job but there’s no excuse for a public servant to be talking like that. Hope it’s “so long PD, hello Mall Security” for him!

  • Typical cop he was probly having a boring night an was looking for some action so tried to create some of his own the cops in my town do the same thing as a matter of fact every cop ive been pulled over by acted like they were on some kinda ego trip i had a ma. state trooper rip me out of my car and tell me he should kill me all cause i was speeding at 100 mph ! i also had worc, ma. cops pull me & a friend out of my car at gun point while we watched them rip my car apart because my car matched a description of a car in the area the was supposably involved in a drive by shooting i read the papers there was nuthing in it about any shootings in worc.??

  • whenyouready2

    thats a missouri cop for you. I know first hand thats the shit they do even in St. Louis all them dirty ass, racist, sister fucking, backwoods raised, half hillbilly half inbreed, once was a nerd, outcast, abusive family ass, cock sucking cops there. Damn Right Im BITTER. They fucked with me from 14 to 25 taking all my money that i went to work for cause of some im having a bad day shit. Fuck yall and i mean that with a big dick. I got mo time than i do money.