Tear tha Roof Off

Imitation-style customization hits a new low

Spinning hub-caps? Eh. Adhesive fender vents? We can look the other way. But there’s just no way we can let the DECANO self-adhesive sunroof get by without proper ribbing. That’s right, adhesive sunroof- currently sold on eBay out of Beaumont, TX, apparently not everyone in the lone-star state is keepin it trill. Didn’t splurge for the luxury package on your latest whip? It’s all good- with this engineering marvel you can let onlookers think you did- for $25, plus $6 shipping and handling.

Much time and effort could be dedicated to properly roasting this $31 sticker, but readers on eBay are already doing a great job. Check out the feedback comments which contain sarcasm-laced gems like the following:

Q: My car does not have an anti lock braking system – i am interested in an abs light for my dash – i cannot afford nor am i interested in the actual braking benefits of an abs system – i am solely interested in tricking people into thinking my car is safer than it is. do you or are you looking into prototyping this product – it seems like its up your alley.
A: We are working on new ideas, thank you.

Source: Autoblog