Money to Burn

Detroit suburb stunts $100K cop car

Though it may look fresh, with Michigan’s dismal economy a $100,000 police cruiser is hard to justify by any reasoning. But apparently, Bloomfield Hills, MI just doesn’t give a *&%$ about the poor state of affairs. Meet the latest addition to their force- a Cadillac XLR-V. What’s worse? Check the badging…it doesn’t even look like the boys in Bloomfield even use the lightning-fast Caddy to catch real bad guys- its just a ‘public safety’ car.


Source: Autoblog

  • Thats is just retarded! It would be one thing if that was a national intercepter reserve or something but a public safety vehicle…

  • S.Smith

    Most likely this was seized in a drug bust/raid. Quite often, police departments will convert seized vehicles for police use, whether as highway patrol/interceptors or public relations vehicles.

    I highly doubt that Bloomfield Hills, Michigan or any city in their right mind would justify spending $100K on a police car without a few heads rolling.

    • Incorrect. Bloomfield Hills, one of the wealthiest cities in America, has a large fleet of Caddies and Corvettes. Keep in mind that Bloomfield Hills is located among Detroit’s affluent northern suburbs. This place is America’s automobile mecca.