Match Point

Rolls Royce serves up a mean wrist game

If you’re one of the 35 people that managed to scooped up a Phantom ‘Centenary Edition’, there’s a little something available just for your discerning ass. Created by jeweler Heinz Mayer, the 18K gold ‘Centenary Bracelet’ was designed to compliment the ultra-exclusive nature of the limited Phantom, and is the only officially branded Rolls Royce piece of jewelry ever. More than just an eye-catching design, the bracelet’s links echo the traditional “organ-stop” ventilation switch on RR models. Six of the links are also pavĂ© set with diamonds.

Drooling yet? More of the bracelet’s history is available at the Heinz Mayer site– but don’t fall in love unless you got that matching VIN!

Source: Luxist