Hogan Knows Better

Photos from Nick's crash, poor driving record exposed.

As passenger and Iraq war veteran John Graziano remains in critical condition, Nick Hogan’s probably not feeling like too much of a hero right now. As uncovered by TMZ.com, Nick has been charged with unlawful speeding four times since September, 2006. The charges, in addition to Sunday night’s death-defying accident, include a violation for going 115 mph in a 70 mph zone, 57 mph in a 30 and 106 mph in a 70.

Nick, who brags about admits to his lead foot in September’s issue of RIDES apparently needs to slow his roll- looking at photos from the crash, it’s a wonder anybody got out alive.

wreck2.jpg wreck3.jpg wreck4.jpg

Photos credit: Tim Boyles, Getty Images

  • Doug

    wow what a stupid dick he almost killed a war veteran i dun care who ur daddy is or that ur on a drift team u still shouldt screw around like that with a car its just f’d like what a FAG he deserves to be in critical.

  • Vicky

    This site is not responsible for this horrific accident, but what I cannot understand is why you would have glorified this idiot child of rich parents. It’s this type of coverage that encourages this irresponsibile behaviour. Keep the coverage of the accident, but remove the article about the idiot and his cars!

  • Ryan

    Karma’s a bitch.

  • Ryan

    Karma ftw

  • MAE

    In the wake of this tragedy, it is time for someone to do something about this habitual offender. I would never wish for his friend to die, but I hope he has to pay some serious consequences. It is terrible how all these celebrities just keep getting away with things other people don’t, and normally nothing is done until someone elses life is taken!

  • MAE

    It has been stated by a witness that Nick was racing a Dodge Viper (which they own) and that his father was there in “just minutes”. I certainly hope that Terry was not involved in this tragedy!

  • Prob won’t be the last time he does the streetracing thing. He’ll either kill himself or someone else before he gets the point. Now by Rides Mag, If the CHIP prove street racing they have about 1/2 of the car to crush.

  • Drud

    Yeah money brings problems huh? Well if you let it. Being stupid will always bring problems, rich or poor. Show offs are all over the place.

  • I think he needs a reality check…drivers ed, and maybe even spend time in jail

  • seth

    dumb ass