Downward Spiral

Florida man buys, wrecks Lamborghini in same day

For just about anybody, copping a brand new exotic ride like a Murcielago is definitely good cause for celebration. But of course, somebody always takes the party too far. Meet that guy, 39 year old Ronald Tridico of Florida.
On the verge of his mid-life crisis, Tridico took the keys to his yellow Lambo this past Saturday, then wrecked it only hours later off State Road 429 near Orlando. Apparently somewhere between leaving the dealership and taking out a traffic sign/going off the pavement, Ronald had sipped himself a few congratulatory road sodas.

Tridico has been charged with drunken driving, as well as leaving the scene of an accident. And if potential fines and repair costs aren’t enough to deal with, his wife suffered a minor arm injury during the crash. Listen out for that bitch-slap as soon as she heals!

Source: Orlando Local6