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Nick Hogan crashes Supra, hospitalized along with passenger

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick, has been seriously injured after totalling his Yellow Toyota Supra last night in Clearwater, FL. According to local police, at around 7:30pm Sunday night, Nick and male passenger were travelling at a “very high rate of speed” when they lost control and hit a median. The car then flipped around into a palm tree is reported to be a total loss. Hogan and his passenger were airlifted to a hospital in St. Petersburg where he is listed in serious condition, his passenger critical.

More details on the accident, as well as Nick and companion’s conditions will be reported as they become available.

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  • prince 365

    hi keep me up dated see how he turns out pls. is this accident goin be shown in the show from hogans knows best?

  • We are praying for John Graziano and his family.