Apples to Roadsters

New Jersey teen trades first unlocked iPhone for new Nissan Z

You may have already heard about young George Hotz- the 17 year old New Jersey kid-genius who has become the first to unlock Apple’s highly-coveted iPhone. Hotz’s code, which hopefully won’t land him in legal hot water, allows the $599 dollar gadget to work on any network with any SIM card- opposed to the phone’s current AT&T only status.

Though the unlocked phone probably could have scored Hotz the hottest prom date in his school, George took his hussle to the streets, trading the compromised phone for 3 new 8 GB iPhones, and one dealer-fresh Nissan Z. The generous party? Terry Daidone, owner of phone refurbisher and aftermarket parts maker CertiCell.

Not even a day into his college years, Hotz’s future in some high-tech, higher-paying position seems almost certain- long as young buck doesn’t pull a Nick Hogan. Drive slow homey- you’re a star!

Source: iPhone JTAG via Autoblog