Take 2

Mazda debates entering the US sub-compact market

Though we’re convinced the oversized SUV will never die, its days of rolling deep may indeed be numbered. With the push to keep the planet together a few more years, hybrids aren’t the only revolutionary vehicle to hit the streets. The sub-compact car is back. And with Honda and Toyota dealers struggling to keep their Fits and Yarises/Yarisees (?) on the lot, Mazda is reportedly looking into entering the crowd.

To quote Mazda President Hisakazu Imaki in somewhat broken English, “As soon as North American dealers see this, they ask for it.” Imaki is referring to the tiny Mazda 2, set to go on sale in Europe this fall. What’s unclear is whether the North American dealers will get what they ask for. With Mazda’s successful moves in the crossover market, speculation points to the Japanese manufacturer deferring the micro-machine project over to their joint efforts with Ford. Hopefully the American translation won’t get too muddled… or better yet, they’ll just bring it as-is. Arigato!

Source: Autoblog