Q-d Up

Audi SUV next in line for JE-Design treatment

Need to stand out a little more from the sea of Escalades and Denalis in your hood? After more than a year since its debut, the Audi Q7 still remains a relative unknown in the luxury SUV game, despite its curves, performance and jaw-dropping interior. Why? It may be due to the fact that like many other foreign trucks, the Q has suffered from a lack of aftermarket support… that is until now. Famous for their style/performance packages, Germany’s own JE Design has just announced their new treatment for the Audi- including a 150Hp bump in power and widebody styling.

Supercharged and intercooled, the performance side of the package allows the Q to rocket from 0-60 in just 5.6 seconds while still adhering to European emission standards. While that might keep you a blur to most admirers, the widebody kit, 22’s, fog lights and custom exhaust will have you snapping necks at a standstill as well. So go ahead and switch your style up… somebody’s finally got your back!

je-design-q7-fsi-widebody_450.jpg je-design-q7-fsi_08a.jpg

Source: Autoblog