Posh Welcome

Mrs. Beckham Cruises into Beverly Hills

Anyone who caught last night’s episode of Victoria Beckham: Coming to America might find it a little harder to hate on the normally stiff-lipped British diva. Ridiculed for her reported indulgent, self-promoting behavior, the ex-Spice Girl came across on her new reality show as rather likeable… even comical. We’ll see if the show keeps its charm once David joins her stateside, but in the meantime there’s other questions to address.

Pictures and info from SplashNewsOnline show that Victoria just took delivery of a 2007 Bentley Continental GTC, outfitted with custom monogrammed rims and interior. Nothing out of this world there… the odd part? The car is a “welcome” gift from Tom Cruise, who also sent along a custom Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. Lil’ Tommy apparently has some fine taste in autos, but what gives- the Beckham’s don’t have to spend any of their own money to roll in the US? David, you gonna have to bend this dude?

Be careful, Vickie! We’d never call you an alien like some other sites… but you might get a visit from one soon if you don’t watch out. At least make sure your couch is Stainmastered.

Source: SplashNews via Luxist.com