No Bull

Lamborghini-brand cologne speeding to a department store near you

Just can’t land financing on that new drop Murcielago? It’s all good… if joining the ranks of Lambo owners is out of reach, now you can at least smell like one. Partnering with leading fragrance company Coty Inc., the Tonino Lamborghini brand will now appear on bottles of a new men’s fragrance. Set to first hit European and Asian shelves in 2008, the scent follows in the tracks of other auto-inspired colognes such as Hummer and Mustang.

So what does a bull-branded essence smell like? Coty has promised to deliver “sleek, sexy and exclusive” appeal… an “explosive” addition to the world of men’s fragrance. Hopefully it’ll be enough to tie you over til you finally catch that real new Lambo smell.