Whip it Real Hard Daintily

England considers ban of all cars capable of more than 101mph

Pissed off over the Paris Hilton news? Imagine how British luxury owners must feel to hear that Parliament may vote on a ban of all cars capable of going faster than 101mph… yeah, you read that right. Chris Davies, a liberal democrat (and quite possibly one of the most hated men in England right now) drew up the proposal on this crackhead theory; “Between 1994 and 2004 the power of new cars went up by 28 percent, making them a lot heavier, and so increasing the amount of CO2 they put out, even though no country raised its speed limit to allow cars to use this increased power.”

Ummm… so these heavier cars- no chance they weigh more cause of airbags, or electronics, or any number of US/English-based safety mandates? Yeah… odds of this passing? Quite low. Odds that Davies does not currently own a car capable of hitting 101? Rather high. Hater.

Source: Autocar