Stick ’em Up!

Lack of skills turns would-be jackers into jackasses

Unless you plan on basing a singing career around it, you really shouldn’t steal cars. And even if you are (again, don’t steal cars!), you should at least know how to drive a manual transmission. Apparently nobody gave that advice to two would-be teen carjackers in Georgia. After stealing a car outside a local pizzeria, the two froze up when they found an alarming feature in their newly acquired ride- a stick shift. After a few moments of unconfirmed nonsensical babbling, the pair hit the block on foot and were later apprehended by local authorities. All jokes aside, the car’s owner summed up the whole scenario quite well- “I guess if you’re gonna steal a car, you should probably know how to drive it first.”

Full story at Atlanta’s NBC 11

  • jason

    What a dumbass