Pump it Up

UK car insurer develops "driving heel"

Ladies! We know that many of you out there love the exotics and sports cars just as much as the fellas… and we love you! Apparently, so does Sheila’s Wheels, a car-insurer for women in the UK that has developed the Sheila Driving Heel. Though not much information is available at the moment, the blend of function and fashion is quite eye-catching. Late to your next see-and-be-seen event? Push a button (which seems to be well hidden), and the high heel of the Sheila retracts into the sole, converting it into a functional driving shoe capable of all the shifts and stomps you can throw at it. In addition, a subtle rubber tread ensures grip, whether you’re double-clutching or working the red carpet.

Though marketed by Sheila’s more for their safety, the racy heel is a symbolic head-nod to females out there who prefer to do the ‘whipping’ themselves. Now do they come in leopard-print?