On That Hydro

BMW alternative fuel technology is tha bomb!

Until recently, ‘gettin your Al Gore’ hasn’t been that flashy of an experience. The inconvenient truth is that while everyone knows alternative-fuel cars are a great idea, they have a strong history of looking pretty damn ugly. That is until now… meet the BMW Hydrogen 7, recently debuted at a British golf tournament for World Environment Day. Able to switch from hydrogen to conventional gas at the push of a button, the 7 looks identical to others in its line, aside from the badging that tells the world you’re doing the right thang. 260Hp might sound low for a 12-cylinder, but zero-emissions from a car with BMW style and class is nothing to scoff at.

Production may still be miles away, but the Bimmer represents promising potential for the future of hydrogen and other fuel technologies… with no sacrifice of swagger.

Source: Luxist