Hyundai to Lexus: Bring It!

Veracruz crossover boldly targets Lexus RX350

Not all that long ago, saying you drove a Hyundai was something that… well, you just didn’t say you drove a Hyundai. It was something you hid away like your Valtrex prescription. But the former econo-box manufacturer has been steadily growing and developing from a mass-producer into a formidable auto maker- and they know it. Case in point, when Motor trend offered up a Veracruz VS. Lexus RX350 shoot-out, a Hyundai reps exact words were “We want to take on the Lexus, straight up.”

Knife to a gun-fight you’re thinking, right? Actually while it’s no surprise that the Lex won out in terms of performance, equipment and safety. But the Motor Trend reviewers concluded that between the two, the Veracruz actually handles better and is deemed to have a much smarter dashboard layout. Overall, we’re not expecting anyone to trade in their RX for the challenger, but its a lesson for everybody- better keep an eye on Hyundai!

Source: Motor Trend via Autoblog