Flash-Forward: “Every week we made 40-G’s”

Mazda MPV still king of minivans, even if only in Japan.

Gone are the days when rollin with your clan in the MPV was hot. But maybe that’s only cause Mazda doesn’t sell the people-mover here in the states anymore. Although the CX-7 and CX-9 are formidable crossover offerings, Mazda’s ‘5’ just doesn’t have the appeal of its minivan predecessor. But as you can see from above, the urban legend still lives on overseas… and is looking quite grown & sexy. Mazda has just released the MPV (get ready for the name) “Bright Stylish M’s Custom” version in Japan. With polished trim inside and out, along with full leather seating and metal flake paint finishes, the latest MPV looks superhappy rockstar go crazy fun-time… but all we can do is look at the picture.