AT&T Chirps Back

NASCAR Logo war escalates

How did a little blue man manage to shake up the All-American sport of NASCAR? Even if you ain’t a fan, by now you have to have noticed Nextel’s corporate domination of the patch-heavy motorsport. As part of the firm’s sponsorship, the deal was for Nextel to be the exclusive wireless firm in the sport. But with Cingular and Alltel existing team sponsors, the two competitors were grandfathered in and allowed to keep their logos on their respective cars.

Then, Cingular made their name-change back to AT&T and all Hell broke loose. Nextel immediately pointed a finger at the new name/logos and called foul. A judge quickly ruled out the objection and allowed AT&T’s new marketing to move ahead full-steam… a decision Nextel has vowed to appeal. But while waiting on that appeal, AT&T has gone a step further in snubbing their nose, announcing their continued sponsorship of RCR racing through 2010. In other words, that logo ain’t going nowhere… unless a judge says otherwise.

More as it happens, but expect those anti-Cingular AT&T Sprint/Nextel commercials to get even fiercer!