You Are What You Drive

How your true colors shine through your car purchase

Read-up, big dogs- cause this is all about that rep you struggle to keep. Ever wonder what your ride says about you? Well according to marketing executives at the world’s major auto manufacturers, it speaks volumes… or at least that’s what they think. A recent article in Forbes magazine dropped science on the subject, straight from the mouths of the pitch-men. Here’s just a few of their thoughts:

– Aston Martin drivers are “the sort of people who would prefer to wear the designer brand on the inside rather than the outside.”

– Jeep Wrangler owners are among the few truck/SUV drivers that take their whips off-pavement.

– Bentley Arnage people are self made, and prefer anonymity.

– Rolls Royce Phantom owners prefer to stand out and be noticed in a crowd.

So what about the baller who brags about the Phantom and the Bentley… split personality? If you’re in that league, see what your whip is telling the world about you at

Photo courtesy of Bentley Motors