Swedish Booty

Volvo dumps real treasure on the ocean floor for anyone to find

In conjunction with the upcoming 3rd installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Volvo has launched its second “The Hunt” contest. The official Web site (viewed here) offered up the first clue today. In case you’re expecting some jolly ol’ kids game, think again, matey! The grand prize is a treasure chest full of gold doubloons that’s sitting somewhere on the ocean floor right this very moment. To sweeten the deal, Volvo’s also giving the plunderer a brand new XC90 SUV to haul the goods home in.

Here’s clue #1-

To hunt for these waters
follow my heart,
the winding needle
will mark the start.

Get to searching, you scalliwags!
Source: Volvo

One Response to “Swedish Booty”

  1. Captain Dick Dasterdly

    first off, that clue is garbage! im guessing its off the coast of seattle, or near a water front watch factory. anyways, i got some vacation time coming up so all you plunderin Butt-Pirates don’t stand a chance! Yar! I be the booty!


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