Sea Bond

Get a grip on 007's underwater Lotus

Old-school heads out there know there’s mad pre-Brosnan gadgetry out there that a lot of today’s young bucks don’t know about. Case in point, Roger Moore’s Lotus Esprit S1, from The Spy Who Loved Me. In its day, the De Lorean-esque S1 was stunning in stock form, but we all know that James doesn’t roll like the rest of us. This Q-equipped whip transformed into the ill submarine, equipped with on-board sea-to-air missiles.

So why the mention now? For those with fat pockets, the S1 will be up for auction this week at Coys, Monaco.

Secret agents & Ballers only need apply.

Source: Coys via Autoblog

  • josh woods

    is that for real or for fake?