Benz to build SLR McLaren Roadster

If you got the urge to go topless and the new GTC or drop Murcielago just aren’t unique enough for ya, Mercedes Benz has the answer… if your pockets are deep enough. In the usual fashion of its McLaren offerings, MB engineers kept the performance vibe while maximizing visibility through a motorized carbon fiber roof. With continued use of carbon and aluminum throughout, the roadster is a lightweight, but solid piece of machinery designed to handle any twist or straightaway you throw at it. Benz claims that with the top down, passengers can politic without distracting wind noise at 125mph. But hang on to your fitted, cause if that’s not quick enough for ya, its 617 HP supercharged engine will take you up to 207mph if you got the gumption.

Only 1,000 will be built and deliveries begin in September- better start making them calls!

slrvert_head.jpg slr_roadster_02.jpg

Source: Autoblog

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