Imperial Guarded

Reps are still secretive, but like Wanda, the Big Body looks "Read to go"

Since its concept debuted, the debate of whether Chyrsler would actually build the Imperial has been a hot topic. With the company changing ownership, one might think all plans would take a back seat… but in the trenches, life goes on. TheStar is reporting that Chrysler is making the power moves necessary to produce a 5th model at their plant in Brampton, Ontario. The Canadian factory already produces the 300, Charger, Magnum, and is set to assemble the Challenger next year… which means that all signs point to the “Baby Phantom” hittin the streets in ’09 as a 2010 model. While the Imperial has taken its share of criticism for looking a little too much like the Rolls and Bentley flagships, its acceptance by the aftermarket is almost a given. After all, immitation is the best form of flattery.

Source: TheStar via Autoblog

  • that is the shit hella look like a phantom