If it ain’t broke…

After 3+ years, minimal changes planned for Bentley GT

Still one of the most shouted-out cars in Hip-Hop, Bentley’s GT series of automobiles (GT, GTC & Flying Spur) continue to disappear off showroom floors at a blinding rate. Virtually unchanged for over 3 years, the luxury-sport whip is finally getting a facelift- but don’t expect to see it resurface on some Joan Rivers tip. Taking a more subtle approach, Bentley’s design team apparently doesn’t want to mess with a good thing. New GTs will receive updated front & rear bumpers, wheels, and other very subtle design cues- along with a revised interior.

Bentley execs also plan to finally top the 10K mark for annual sales, up from 9200 last year… no word on how many lyrical name-drops are expected.

Source: Car Magazine