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Mallett's "Pitbull Edition" Pontiac Solstice is off the chain

The Pontiac Solstice has been a mean lookin’ roadster since day one. Only problem is, the odds are quite high that your girl’s gonna call it “cute”… a death sentence to the automotive part of the male ego. That’s about to change though- meet the Mallett built “Pitbull Edition” V8 Solstice.

Yeah, you read that right- the aftermarket tuner was able to cram a V8 into the Soltice’s modest engine bay, doubling the amount of cylinders from stock. But what good is that extra muscle if it’s not tone, right? To beef up tiny drop-top, Mallett hammered out an aggressively designed widebody kit, adding 4 inches of width up front, and 5 in the back- also allowing wider tires for putting that extra power to the pavement.

Set to debut at SEMA 2007, only a limited number will be produced, at an estimated cost of $16-18,000 above base price of the V8 conversion. Not exactly cheap, but this much bark and bite in a small package is doggone impressive.


Source: Mallett