Faster Baby!

Honda lets your Lil' Man get his race on

As much as you love your mini-me, there’s no denying that nothing mars the interior vibe of your ride more than a car seat. But for baby-daddies still looking to keep their import fresh while maintaining shorty’s safety, Honda has the perfect solution. Meet the “Type R” kiddie seat, available exclusively through Honda’s Japanese dealer network. Covered in perforated red fabric with faux-suede side bolsters, this baby bucket drips more style than some of today’s full-size offerings. The embroidered “Type-R” logo prevents lesser models from false-badging… but just like everything else to bear the nomenclature, the seat is extremely limited in production (300 units) and doesn’t come cheap. Roughly $366 will get you one from the (Japanese only) dealer- better have a far-east hook-up!

Source: Honda, via Autoblog 

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