Don’t Believe the Hype

Why today's email-driven gas boycott won't work

May 15, 2007- Whether it hit your work or Myspace inbox, chances are you already know all about today’s “gas-out”. If not, the premise is simple… don’t buy gas today, and the oil companies will take a multi-million dollar hit, forcing them to drop prices. Good ol’ 60’s style activism back in effect for the greater good, right? Wrong. If trying to do the right thing has you stressed about how to get to (or back from) work today, relax and hit the pump. Though some will dismiss it as more talk from “The Man”, most experts agree that a short-term boycott could actually raise gas prices. Face it, the suits are gonna get there money sooner or later. Your best bet is to move in the direction of more long-term, lifestyle changes.

So if your Dudley-Do-Right coworkers get on your back today, have em read this breakdown at and ask em “What now?”

But be sure to forward it to 10 people or your dog might get hit by a train.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic