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Hamann's new Murcielago does anything but fly under the RADAR

Though proclaimed as a “stealth bomber for the racetrack”, German tuner Hamann has just released a tuning package that makes the Lamborghini Murcielago stand out once again. Not like the supercar is played per se, but as the Murc approaches Bentley GT levels of popularity, it’s good to see options to make yours pop in a sea of fruit-flavored, dealer-fresh clones.

The ‘LP640’ aerodynamic package bulks up the sleek lines of the Lambo, but in a complimentary, hit-the-gym kinda way. Parts are available in standard fiberglass, or carbon-kevlar for big-baller types. “Edition Race” wheels are 8.5″x20″ up front, and a menacing 13″x20″ in the rear. And though Lambo’s don’t have much room for a block shaking system, the upgraded double-pipe stainless steel exhaust should be all the music you need to turn heads. Of course, no upgrade package would be complete with small, but detail-driven interior bits to round things out.

How much? If you gotta ask, you might want to reassess your stature, player homey.

lam3.jpg lam1.jpg

Source: Hamann

  • dave

    how much?

  • how much miles do it run?