Car Pool

Stretch-Mini lets ya get sloshed in more ways than one

It still might be dwarfed by a stretch H2 or Maybach, but the jumbo-shrimp “Mini XXL” limo is worth its weight in double-takes. Engineered by a specialty coach builder in Los Angeles, the cutesy Cooper may not hold your whole wedding party, but it’ll help get the honeymoon started. Aside from the usual falling-screen, phone and other standard-issue creature comforts, the Mini boasts a fully-operational whirlpool out back- with the option to go topless. Two extra rear wheels have been added to support the extra weight of the pool, which is easily drained in the same manner as your bathtub. Just tell Jeeves to take it easy around the corners… you don’t want to spill your load right away.

mini2.jpg mini1.jpg

Source: Thrilling Wonder


    i like how it looks with the top on. is this available for rent?

  • dave