Caddy High Harmony

Michigan vocational students restore and auction one A+ of an Eldorado

For anyone doubting the present day public school system, the town of Ypsilanti, MI is a shining beacon of hope. The school district’s Regional Career Technical Center (RCTC) offers a comprehensive trade program, covering the culinary arts to the skills needed for automotive bodywork. Every year, students enrolled in the auto body program get to develop their skills in the best way possible- by getting hands-on. Under the guidance of teacher Bill Burnette, the class works to restore a donated bucket into a jaw-dropping beauty.

This year’s challenge was a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado. Upon stripping it down to the core, students worked for a total of 77 days to restore the car the right way- from the inside out. With assistance from their teacher and a local body shop, the class removed all rust, smoothed out the dings, and dipped it in a delicious cherry red finish, complete with a reupholstered interior. After months of hard work and dedication, Ypsilanti took the Caddy to the annual Detroit Autorama show, where it took 3rd place in the High School Custom category.

So then what- does the teacher’s pet drive it home…is it given to the prom king and queen? Nah, these kids are some true fabricators in the making- they’re already selling it off to fund their next project. Like what you see & still have faith in today’s youth? Hit up Mr. Bill at 734-482-8485 and make an offer!

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Source: Autoblog