Buick Velite Likely

Exec confirms that a 4th model is on the way

With recent hits like the tuner-friendly Lucerne and the grown & sexy Enclave, Buick has been been killing the game lately. Now in a recent interview in Car & Driver magazine, Troy Clarke, president of GM’s North American efforts has confirmed that the murder-spree will indeed continue. Clarke states that Buick will add a fourth offering to its lineup by the end of the decade- a RWD platform that will take cues from the 2004 Velite concept.

Sharing the same ‘Zeta’ platform as the Pontiac G8 and Chevy Camaro, it’s unclear whether the ‘Velite’ name will carry over from concept to production, but it sure has some lyrical potential- “Got a Velite in my elite fleet…” Ok, we’ll stop now.

Source: Car & Driver via Autoblog