Back on the Block

John "Bo Duke" Schneider's General Lee is on eBay... Again.

Original Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider had the internet auction world goin nutz when he put the General Lee up for sale a few weeks back. Even crazier was the car’s final selling price- a cool $10 million. But the winning bidder couldn’t get his payday advance loan approved (actually he turned out to be a phony), so the legendary orange vigilante is back up on eBay. Bidders check here… but you will be pre-screened this time!

On a side note, with Bo and Luke always in such a mad window-jumping rush, did anyone else wonder how ol’ Uncle Jesse managed to post up in the back seat almost every time?

Part of the auction proceeds will benefit Pepperdine University’s Boone Center for the Family.

  • that is sik. ive been a general lee fan for ages and if i had that sort of money i would easily buy that.

  • Jim

    Looking to buy a General but not for as much as this one will be sold for, however I do know someone who does have an actual General Lee whose previous owner was John Schneider.