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UAE's Sheik Marwan al-Mualla opens his 1/4 mile track to the public.

Y’all have seen the youtube videos… them Middle-Eastern youths are straight-up crazy when it comes to hittin the sand pavement! But the growing recklessness on city streets has become a problem in Dubai, as well as other spots in the UAE. In a noteworthy selfless move, Sheik Marwan al-Mualla has opened his own personal 1/4 mile drag strip to the public, in order to offer a more controlled environment. Now, the privileged youth of the country’s oil tycoons have a much safer place to wreck their Ferraris and Lamborghinis without hassle from the cops. While such a move would probably never happen in the US, we’re guessing that in his eyes, the Sheik’s new-found liability probably ain’t no thang.

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