Airing Out the Grievances

Cadillac's Lead designer rants on the side air vent trend.

Automotive tuning has always had a love-hate relationship with imitation. Quite often, a particular element of a car’s design becomes so admired, owners of competitive models want to echo it on their whip (example: “Lambo Doors”.) And though imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, distaste often ensues when function doesn’t follow form. Case in point, the new trend of immitation fender “air vents”. John Manoogian, lead designer at Cadillac is not too happy with the movement; “I’ve seen Chrysler 300s where guys are buying these stick-on portholes, and I’m thinking, ‘What are these people thinking?’ They are literally stick-on parts.” Continuing to go off from a designer standpoint, Manoogian believes that the craze will eventually cause manufacturers to move away from using the vents. “When it gets to be that ubiquitous, then we are going to have to say, ‘We need to do something different here.’ ” Well at least he can count on some job security!

Source Auto News (sub. reqd) via Autoblog