70’s or Better

Thought Donks were jacked? Meet the Yeti.

Your Chevy might ride high, but it still ain’t clearing three feet of snow during winter… unless maybe fabricator extraordinaire Rex Bailey gets his hands on it. To showcase the abilities of the Samson™ metal-crafting machine, Bailey built this monster Dodge lifted up on 76″ tractor tires and Mercedes Unimog axles. Aptly nicknamed the “Yeti”, there’s not much that can stand in the way of this Cummins diesel-powered abominable snow-monster. For a teaser video of the truck in action, check here.

Source: Jalopnik

  • anoymus

    why does it have rear stearing

    • cool guy

      it has rear stearing because there is not enough room in the from with the motor and frame in the from and rear stearing will help the truck turn better…remember its not made for speed.

    • steven

      because its a bad ass

  • Brandato

    Switch the Dodge frame to a Chevy frame and get bigger tires

  • what the hell is that thing????????

  • big mike

    thats a sick ass truck

    • anonamous

      hell yeah

  • DevilDog350

    Chevy Is Better…

    • mopar-or-no_car66

      Although a chevy frame might be better the problem with that would be the darn thing needs power to turn that huge rubber and the duramax just wouldnt have it in er

    • steven

      the truck scale
      3)all the other p.o.s trucks out there.

  • anthony

    that trucks a peace of shit

    • Jessica

      bull shit. its a monster.

  • Andy J

    It has rear steering because of the turning of the tires. The tires would hit and rub on the front end. and a duramax would have plenty of power. stock duramax engines have more than enough to turn them. It needs turque to turn the tires. hand having 5-600 ftlbs of torque in a stock duramax would be plents. The truck is very well built. strong and can handle alot of abuse. granted you are not taking off any jumps. Cummins are strong, and so is the duramax. duramax puts out more torque and horsepower.

  • jess

    dodge is the best

  • i like to drink whiskey and go to stores. i like to pee my pants on saturdays. o ur truck is nise. i wuz j chillin and then this j popped up on my screen. i wuz like very nise nise nise nise nise nise nise. yea horses eat it.





  • michael

    thats a doge im not blind u lyed you said it was a chevy thats fals advertisment you lyer

    • Greg

      You just spelled nine out of the nineteen words in your post incorrectly, that’s almost half of them. Use spell check.

  • Ethan

    Dodge has the best engine chevy sucks my dick son. ford ftw though.

    • kc

      dodge sucks.ford sucks. chevy is the only way to go. and duramax would work perfect because cummins would fall apart after a while. and powerstoke would note move it

  • dodge man

    ok all of yalll are total fucktards dodge cummins are by far the best deisels made chevy may have dodge when it comes to gas motors but not deisels. and fords just suck all the way around

  • brendan

    that is asome and durmax is to weak and power stroke is to week cummins last the longest we have one that will out pull any power stroke and durmax and it 350000 miles

    • chevy man

      well i gotta chevy w/ more miles tht will out pull ur dadgum ford bitch!

  • peters pecker

    yall just jelus that his one tire cost more than ur hole damnb double wide an id rather be a cummin than a stroken anyday

  • haha cool

  • rt

    dodge doesnt even make their own diesels. chevy is the way to go