Protect Ya Neck

Rolls Royce’s new armored flagship lets you leave the vest at home

Whether dippin’ through Hollywood or the hood, there’s no escaping the fact that the Phantom turns heads. But if the all-eyes-on-me treatment makes you paranoid like Pac, the BMW-owned ultra-luxury brand has a solution for you- meet the Phantom, now in ‘armoured’ flavor.

Still delivering all the style and class of the original, this street-soldier whip is built to VR7 specs, the highest international standard for vehicular protection. The combination of fiber composites and polycarbonate-lined glass will withstand high caliber armor-piercing rounds, and even a random grenade or two. So whether you rep Iraq or Lefrak, you can kick back, don your hater blockers, and pop a bottle, knowing you’ll reach your destination in style and intact. Bullet scars might not buff right out, but they sure look gangsta.

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