Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters conjure up Shaq a custom Gallarrrrrrrdo

Poor lil Shaq. Loyal RIDES readers know that it’s real hard for the 7’1″, 350 lb. O’Neill to whip whatever he wants. But now, thanks to Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters (a supplier for Boeing and other aerospace firms), the Miami Heat big man can cruise a little lower to the ground. Nothing short of Magic a miracle, these wizards of engineering and design stretched a Lamborghini Gallardo a full 12 inches to accommodate Shaq’s monstrous frame. Such a project could have easily been a flagrant-foul, but Gaffoglio took it to the hole with a resounding slam-dunk.
Source: Inside Line

One Response to “Kazaam!”

  1. dave

    Finally!, someone was a shaq-knife and built this with decision, that big motha finally has a chance to lay down and cruise the strip. maybe he could whip on down to the parthenon or any other one of those bars in rome. this one’s for you Shaq-FU !


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