Dude, where’s my truck?

Cadillac's Escalade EXT tops the latest list of most stolen luxury vehicles

Stacked enough paper to finally cop that EXT? Better make sure you can cover the larger-than-life insurance premium that’s going to come with it. That’s because, according to the latest study by Forbes, Cadillac’s luxury pick-up is the most frequently stolen luxury vehicle in America. Not only does the $55,000 EXT top the list, it blows away the 2nd runner up (BMW’s 7 Series) by more than 4 times the amount of thefts.
When you’re on top, everyone wants a piece- but the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) reports that more than a quarter of EXT theft claims exceed $40K- indicating thieves are after the whole thing. Bottom line- better LoJack that ‘Lac invest in a quality alarm system!

Source: Forbes.comĀ 

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