Donk Vote Contest 2

  • class leader..thats how we ride over here in the bay area california (OAKLAND)we are not into that sittin high up type stuff…..rags to riches also …clean as a whistle mayne….

    • King Kong

      U crazy as hell, when dey sittin up so high dats what make em mafuckas look so mean. U cant put no clean paint job on any car n make it look right, u gots to b sittin up on sum thang to make dat paint stand out n aint nlo small rims gon get da job done. My vote got da b 4 dat GREEN RAIN: sittin extra high, fresh paint, drop top, it dont get no betta. When u sittin like dat u got plenty hataz. Now He Got Em Hatin.

    • mia daddy

      all dem cars clean but rags to riches takes it and sumter boy u aint got shit or no anythang feel me dem cars reppin sc is tight but thats pretty much all the cars yall got… mia and atl got dem whips in anybodys garage feel me not just a couple people but everybody gettin money round here fuk boy so u get ur money up and get a ride ol broke rapper city got more whips than yours since u were dik ridin niggas pussy boy mia all day 305 305 305 oh yeah that hi riser lifting shit its been played out here but since yall followers do yall thang

    • ***GREEN RAIN!!!***
      Cause THIS is How U Suppose 2 Look DOWN on PoLiCe!!!
      BiGGer “is” Better!
      **Donk LiFe!!

    • yall niggas ain’t ready for this spider man car

  • king Q

    its all about them impalas

  • caprice matt

    It was between The Incredible Hulk and The G.O.A.T. I chose G.O.A.T. I know it’s not even a donk box or bubble…but damn that car looks right. I guess the low jacks might be the next thing. I still like hi-risers better though. I can’t believe the Slam Donk was in the magazine…fake ass 27’s on it. Do some research and you’ll see that they are really 22’s with a 27″ face.

  • $JT MONEY$

    Man im fellin all tha rides thats how we doin it in TEXAS!But if you know anything bout SLABS you would know that Rags to Riches is tha cleanest thing in tha mag. its not to much and not to little. Plus you gotta love that drank purp cause you know we stay screwed up in TEXAS!

  • ryan

    wazzup??i recently waz at my friends house and i had to dump one and i seen this magazine “donk” vol3, and i scrolled thru it and i seen some wicked cars from where i live ft.myers,florida,,well i now am a supporter of ur mag since i seen the whips from my city shows that we got some class in a city that hardly anyone knew no we will be known!!late

  • Faces Wheels

    Faces Wheels check us out at myspace/
    you will like what you see!!!!

  • Evo

    Class Leader & Gun Metal = how the A does it…

    • Evo you know we got the cleanest whips already “Stunt Sunday” proves that!!!

    EVERYONE KNOWS THOSE “27s” are actually 22s retard but that IS what Lexani calls them so what would you suggest they call em? And u cant believe that car is in the mag? That’s one of the cleanest cars in there! Get wit it! Before you say people didn’t do their research you might want to do some yourself bruh!

  • I must agree wit you EVO. Both kept it clean and basic. I’m lovin’ that!

  • Gun Metal got it all day! The owner’s part of StuntWorld. Them cats be doing it BIG!

  • FrankNitty

    Gun Metal is whats up. Thats how you rep the A. FrankNitty

  • What happened to that candy red skylark from the ‘Ville? I heard it’s a beast.

  • Jayo got it hands down

  • Quenton Temoney

    You know the bad thing about is that us sumter boys is killin ya’ll… I’ll just say it like this rags to riches (purple donk), muscle boy (orange chevelle), G.O.A.T (TWO TONED GTO), and green rain (TWO TONED skylark)… all these cars i watched get pulled to the shop and i watched them leave the shop… SUMTER is just killin ya’ll right now hands down.. how ya’ll let these country boys get 4 cars in one book!!! Step ya game up please, dont make it easy for us DAG!!! and i hope you know who their creators are… the one and only MR. SCRAPES CUSTOMS… Sumters on homie… and yeah G.O.A.T is gone be crowned the king of course

  • Temoney

    How ya’ll let sumter get 4 cars in this one book… please step up your game… we comin too hard for ya’ll boys for real… and you know G.O.A.T got this thing lock down… as far as im concerned we got it locked down for years to come

  • SumterBoy

    Its a damn shame that a lil ass town like Sumter South Crak is puttin out cars that niggas in big city’s like MIA an ATL cant even fuk wit. Get ya cash up niggas. Merk city 4Life.

  • SumterBoy

    Its a shame that a lil town like Sumter South Crak could put this many hot cars that yall clowns in big city’s like MIA n ATL cant even compete wit. Yall need to get ya cash up. Merk City 4Life

  • El Joker

    personally I think that every ride out there sitting on big wheels its all ready a king of there own !!!!!



  • Man yall can say watyall wanna the incredible hulk iz killin down here right now. Carlos you doin your thang down here I see you boi, and the sad part about it is this catfrom a small town they call Maple Hill CUZ

  • cred

    If you know bout anything then you should know the pictures are from the car show that was in SC.(Guess u didn’t make it)That garbage you talkn is what it is. But if you know like i know that Big, Green, Street Monster Incredible Hulk is doing his thing.

  • Sumterboy…. Props on gettin cars that YOU DONT OWN in the book…. and if u wanna get technical.. Rags to Riches is a GEORGIA car… so there is a few tight whips in Sumter..but no where near FLA or GA.. Mr Scrape is the shit no doubt and Im sure they’re glad ur reppin for ’em…. but there is MUCH more shit out there so stay tuned and get outside ur lil box once in a while!

  • Steven High

    Man i got to vote for dat hulk, just b/c he is from da boro, yall keep sleeping on NC!!!


  • SumterBoy

    ATLDONKRIDER you need to get you facts straight Rags to Riches is not a Georgia car, the car is sittin at Mr Scrapes shop right now. Matter of fact i was there when he finished it.



      LOOK AT THE TAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • caprice matt

    ATLDONKRIDER you have you checked the votes on your slam donk??? 3? It must have been you and 2 other idiots thats dont know anything about swag. I’m out here in Southern California and I know that Rags to Riches is NOT a Georgia car dummy. LMAO. You’s a clown for real. You right SUMTERBOY you dudes are killin it with Mr. Scrapes. Do your thang.

  • I’m like this nigga Caprice Matt. That Slam Donk do got some fake ass 27’s. Do you all see how thick the lip is on them rims. The G.O.A.T got my vote.

  • bigwheel

    this is los owner of that big green monster i was just reading some of the coments and i just want to say thanks for all the votes and all the pepole who show me love keep up the good work and for all my fans im working on the hulk rite now getting it ready for next season so look for me big shot out evo

    • Johnny C


      That shitz is off the hook

    • Evo

      Props to all the cars featured this issue and to all the supporters of Donk, Box & Bubble magazine, we appreciate it!

  • Candace404

    My Big Bro Jayo got that one (GUN METAL) hands down

  • John


    That shitz is off the hook!

  • I just want to thank all the owners that came out and repped there city…. Everyone there had a great time. I have met many of the owners of these cars as well as the guys from Scrape & Down South Customs and I just want to say all are stand up guys! I love this movement, and I’m glad it’s getting the “spotlight” in a positive way!

  • WADE

    Gun metal & Class leader is killin em all…. ATLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

    LMAO @ that cat 4rm sumpter.. jus because scrape did the car doesnt mean its from there

  • partyman

    Gun Metal goes hard!

  • Jayo’s Wifey

    By far Gun Metal is the Best There Is…already number 1 & first class in my opinion! First of Last…and Gun Metal is definitely “FIRST”….
    All of the hard work & time that was out into his ride speaks for itself!!!

    Jayo’s Wife…Mrs. Jayo