2010 Chevrolet Camaro

"UNC Tarheels Edition" (With Video!)

Courtesy of CarDomain & YouTube

  • Candyallday

    Yo what was he thinking. He completely fucked this car up? Theme whips been out the game and then he does some lame shit like that to a brand new camaro? FUCK!!! To each its own though.

  • KyLac

    Best part is the Georgia license plate….. your though to each its own.

  • georgia4ce1

    Whats funny is this is one of our fine Georgia educators, lol.

  • what the fuck u talkin bout that shit aint outta style u just iz.. and i might hate the tarheels but this car is raw ass fuck dham bitch

    • shotgun sam

      you like that wack shiit so much you need to get inside and drive both you AND that ugly ass shiit off a 100 ft. cliff. kill yaself

  • mr.718

    too much school spirit my g