Charger on 30s

Reppin' the Sunshine State of Florida

28 Responses to “Charger on 30s”

  1. that main nigga keran

    that shit clean than a bitch do u think a 318 motor pull some thirty’s

  2. unique_swagg

    I will admit that ol’boi got a bad ass charger but rims are a lil too big tho. 24’s or 26’s would have been nice

  3. Boximus Prime

    Killed the game, are you serious. It doesnt take much thought on slapping the biggest wheels u can afford on a car. Change the game with a new car, everybody and there momma is riding one of these. It looks just like about 30 other ones just where I live. Put sum paint on your shit or sumthin, chamged the game, u aint even in the game with that fake tonka toy.

  4. murk a nigga spuad 727

    dats rit j tampabay area 727 gunshine state dats how we ride yall boys get ready it aint ova…!

  5. project park ave 301

    if u werent so busy hatin u would see the details with the candy dust plates this aint the average charger on thirtys he stuntin on ur ass stop hatin this bitch is hard tryna get the park ave on dem thirtys what inch lift is that tryna b in the air by the rims not suspension this charger sittin right

  6. hollatchaboy

    yea, they are 30’s… seen this online before. looks retarded, i second what dude said about keeping big rims on old schools and trucks.

  7. Supeman Wipes

    yo im sorry to hurt any one feelings but them anit know damn 30’s them really 28’s cuase if they where he wouldn’t be able to drive that mother fucker that bich a be on the back of a trailer sun where. so stop playing yo self….. P.s that bitch clean

  8. meldeisel

    am not sure what size dem rims are, but for show this car is hot, but for driving this car is not…

  9. Tahoe Ryder

    Haha, You need to see this car up close. They even cut a piece of the front bumper just to make them fit. This picture shows no justice.


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